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Single Site
Start synchronizing WooCommerce data with ease
Per Year
Single Site
Unlock advanced features on your single project
Per Year
5 Sites
Use all advanced features on up to five websites
Per Year
10 Sites
Unlock the plugin to be used on up to ten websites
Seamless synchronization of WooCommerce data with your autoresponder✔️✔️
Assign each product to specific lists/generic list for targeted marketing (Sendy)✔️✔️
Subscribe the contact to an audience/list on “Order Processing” and/or “Order Completed”✔️✔️
Granular control to resubscribe or keep users unsubscribed✔️✔️
Activate integration on all products with just one click✔️✔️
Demographic Segmentation: Send Customer’s information to the autoresponder✔️✔️
Behavioral Segmentation (Fields/Tags): Send customer interactions with your brand to the autoresponder✔️*✔️
Geographical Segmentation: Keep synchronized the address and phone of your customer✔️
B2B Segmentation: Send business fields to the autoresponder✔️
Transactional Segmentation: Determine the spending patterns of your contacts and send them to the autoresponder✔️
Unsubscribe from a list on “Order Processing” and/or “Order Completed” (Sendy)✔️
Customizable privacy consent to ensure explicit user approval on the checkout page✔️
1-Click Migration: Easily migrate your existing/past WooCommerce customers and data to the autoresponder✔️

* = Some options are available on Pro version only