The Email Marketing Plugin Your Competitors Will Never Talk About

Unleash the Power of Segmentation and supercharge your next campaigns, cleverly!

Easily Synchronize Your WooCommerce Data

KleverList is a powerful WordPress plugin designed to streamline your email marketing efforts. With KleverList, you can easily synchronize your WooCommerce billing and user information with your preferred autoresponder, giving you access to all the data you need to target your audience more effectively!


KleverList streamlines the synchronization of WooCommerce data with your autoresponder, saving you time and effort.


You’ll have all the customer information you need in one place, allowing you to create highly targeted and effective email campaigns.

Easy to Use

KleverList is an intuitive WooCommerce plugin that makes it easy to target your audience more effectively than ever before.


Find the available integrations for this WordPress plugin. We are constantly updating it, more integrations will come soon!


What Are The Main Features of KleverList?

These powerful features are available in both the FREE and PRO versions of the plugin.

Endless possibilities for list segmentation

With KleverList you can map each individual product and all of your products to specific or generic lists, giving you complete control over your email marketing campaigns.

Effortlessly map customer data to your email lists

The Demographics Mapping feature allows you to easily send basic customer information to your autoresponder, helping you to better organize your lists.

Automate Customer Insights with Free Behavioral Tagging

Unlock powerful customer segmentation by automatically tagging customers based on order status for tailored engagement and insights.

Re-engage with previously unsubscribed users

Easily re-engage with users who have previously unsubscribed from your email list. You can choose to resubscribe them or keep them unsubscribed, giving you greater flexibility.

Instant Integration

Enable subscriptions for your lists or audience across one, multiple, or all products with a single click or via the bulk selector, allowing you to seamlessly exclude certain products from the integration.

Enhanced Capabilities

Features available only in the PRO version of the plugin.

Advanced Mapping

Add WooCommerce billing, user, and order information to target lists in your autoresponder, for achieving geographical, behavioral, b2b, and transactional segmentation.

Advanced Tagging

Enable advanced behavioral tagging to automatically add product tags to contacts within the autoresponder, enhancing personalized communication and segmentation.

Customizable Privacy Consent

Add users to lists solely with their explicit consent, ensuring compliance with privacy regulations. This feature includes customizable privacy settings for the checkout page.

Granular Unsubscribe

Unsubscribe users from certain lists on order completion, once they have been added to new lists. Available for every single product in the catalog, where the integration allows it.

1-Click Migration

Easily import your existing WooCommerce customer data directly into the autoresponder, ensuring you can immediately leverage this data for personalized communication and targeted campaigns without the hassle of manual input.